Saturday, September 8, 2012

The "I Spy" quilt I started in the spring is finally ready to be dropped off to the woman who does long-arm quilting for me!  This is the fourth "I Spy" quilt that I've made, and it's a special one because it is for my grand-nephew Alex. 
So what's so unusual about an I Spy quilt?  The series of "I Spy Book of Picture Riddles" were the rage when my children were little.  The books use photographs over a two-page spread with loads of interesting objects mixed together, and the riddle at the bottom of the page encourages the reader to find the objects mentioned in the the photo.  This "I Spy" quilt is for a twin bed and is made of 98 different print fabrics.  As with the "I Spy" books, a child can be facinated for hours looking at different items in the quilt blocks.  To make this gift  even more unique, I took photos of several of the blocks, and then wrote riddles to go with the pictures, and created a book just for Alex.  Each page is printed on cardstock using a color printer, and then I bound the book with a Zutter spiral binding machine. 

When my neice Jennifer reads the book to Alex at bedtime, he can find the objects mentioned in each riddle. 

The first "I Spy" quilt I made is tucked away until the winter, when it goes on my queen-sized bed (there are 154 different blocks in that one!) to keep my DH and me warm.  The other two were baby quilts, one for my godson Patrick, and one is still waiting for another grand neice or nephew to be born. 

I've kept the scraps of print fabrics in my stash...maybe I'll make another someday, but after hours working on this one, it will proably be a while. 

Happy sewing!


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