Sunday, February 3, 2013

Skeleton Keys are Hot!

Old-time skeleton keys are hot on the jewelry scene right now!  It's a fun and easy way to incorporate 'steampunk' style into jewelry.

Recently, Leslie at The Bead Garden ( got some in the store, and we both were itching to make up samples using the keys.

Instead of hanging my key vertically, I decided to wire it horizontally to chain, to act as a cross bar.

I added more chain below the key and brought the two ends together by wiring on the fish 'heart' bead.  A ring hangs below the heart, giving me a place from which to dangle shorter pieces of chain and charms.  .
Deciding which charms and beads to use was tough!
 I varied the length of chain for each charm, so they  had some 'breathing' room.  
After 30 minutes, my necklace was complete!  You can make one just like this for under $15!

I stuck to a mono-chromatic palette, but Leslie used color to make her keys pop. Go to her facebook page to see her design (  And, if you're local, stop in to pick up the supplies to create one for yourself!

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