Monday, April 8, 2013

Easy Table Centerpieces

The past couple of weeks have been busy, preparing for the shower for my future daughter-in-law.  My daughter volunteered to create the table centerpieces, and drafted me to help.

The theme of the shower was "Spain" and she wanted to keep things simple and somewhat inexpensive.  I had been collecting wine bottles since Christmas (to make more luminaries, which were featured in a previous post) and my daughter thought we could use them (she may have seen something similar on Pinterest).

We removed the labels and most of the metal 'collars' at the top if each bottle, then sorted them by size and color.  We wanted to mix and match them a bit, so no one table would have three clear bottles on it.  for a dozen tables, we needed 36 bottles.

The day before the event, I made a run to Produce Junction, a local chain of bulk fruit/vegetable/floral stores.  Their prices on cut flowers are very reasonable.  In keeping with the theme, I found flowers the colors of Spain's flag -- sunflowers (yellow) and carnations (two shades of red) and a beautiful rose that was dark yellow at the base with tips of red.  I also picked up a bunch of fern and baby's breath for filler.

This whole bucket of flowers was only $27!

I selected a few stems for each of two wine bottles.  The necks of the wine bottles aren't very wide, so only two or three blooms would fit in each.  Then I used some raffia ribbon in red, orange and moss green to tie bows around the bottles.

For the third bottle, I cut a deep slit in a cork.  We had printed photos that my future daughter-in-law took during her many months studying in Spain.  We mounted those on colored card stock, and one photo went into the slit on the cork.  Each table had a different picture.

Here's the final product -- simple to create and just enough color to add interest to every table.  The future bride and her bridesmaids were thrilled to take home flowers at the end of the day, and I had plenty left over to create a bouquet to enjoy this week!

(P.S.  I made it home with about half of the wine bottles, so more luminaries will get made before summer!)

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