Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It's Wedding Season...Time to Make Bridal Shower Cards!

There are 7...that's right -- 7, "Save the Date" cards on my 'fridge.  It's Wedding Season again, and I've been invited to a few bridal showers this Spring.  After shopping for the gifts (and wrapping them), it is time to make a card!

I saw something I liked in a store for about $8.00, but thought I could mimic it with materials I had in my studio.  So, I snapped a quick pic on my cell phone and gathered up supplies.

Distress Ink in dusty concord, with a JudiKins duster to apply the ink, is the right color palette for this card.

I selected a 5" x 7" card in light purple, with a matching envelope, and a few favorite wedding/shower- themed rubber stamps.

A spool of ribbon and a little flat-backed 'bling' would help finish things. I couldn't decide which gem to use -- the oval pearl or the large crystal, so I waited until I had everything put together before making up my mind.

I started by tracing out the pattern for a flip flop on thin cardboard.  While it wasn't to scale (unless you're about five years old), you can tell what it is, right?  Then I found sparkly white paper in my stash and opted to use it.  I traced carefully around my flip flop on the back side of the paper, then cut it out.

The paper alone was a bit boring, so I decided to emboss it with an overall design, using a Darice folder and my Cuttlebug.

I dusted the edges of the card with ink, stamped my greetings inside and out, and then assembled the flip flop with a little tacky glue, attaching it to the front of the card with a tape runner.  As you can see, the pearl beat out the crystal, in part because I used glitter paper.  The pearl makes it look more sophisticated.

Of course, artwork isn't finished until it is signed!  I put my personal signature stamp on the back, and I'm ready to go to the shower!

Such an easy card!  And easy to make multiples for all of the showers I'll be attending this year!

Happy Stamping!!

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