Friday, January 11, 2013

Buy Local and Save - not only money, but jobs

Before the holidays, I got a postcard in the mail from some company selling custom t-shirt and sweatshirts with your family name emblazoned on them.  The prices, in my opinion, were outrageous!  $22 for a long sleeve T-shirt, and $45 for a hooded sweatshirt!

However, I really liked the son is engaged, and I thought it would be cute to get all of us, including my future daughter-in-law, shirts with our last name on them.

Since my husband's family is quite large, and I know a couple other people named Devine, I sent out a mass email and asked if anyone else would be interested.  With the postcard in hand, I went to a local screen-printing shop, and they were just great!  (

In all, we ordered about 25 shirts, including long and short-sleeve t's, a couple of sweatshirts and hoodies, and children's sizes.  The prices were great -- they ranged from $8 to $22.  I did have to pay a 'set up' fee for the screen, but still, it was much more reasonable than the $22 to $45 the mail order company wanted!

Everyone loved them!

My son, Mark, models the final product.
So, the moral of the story...try to 'buy local'!  The prices may be better than you'll find on-line or by mail order, and you support a local business, keeping your neighbors employed!!

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